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Tree Care Tips

Our Certified Arborists continually review information released from trade associations and university research studies and apply that knowledge to the care of your lawn and landscape.

Visit us often to keep informed about current insect, disease, and other threats affecting your neighborhood. We'll also pass along timely tips and plant enrichment programs that will reward you with bright and healthier plants.

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Winter Pruning

When trees are dormant, it is an excellent time to prune. Learn more about winter tree pruning.

Mycorrhizae Fungal Inoculant

It may be hard to pronounce, but this treatment provides a tremendous boost to your tree and your shrub's root system. This translates immediately to greener, healthier, and more vigorous growth. We use a special process and equipment to directly inject the treatment deep in the soil where it provides maximum benefit. Find out how you can give your trees and shrubs a shot of life!

Fertilizing your Acid Loving Landscape

Spring brings our flowering shrubs to full beauty - but only if you've provided all the best ingredients. Learn about one of the most important ones that will give you a spectacular spring bloom!