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Winter Pruning

Give your trees a head start before spring: prune now while they are dormant!

  • Pruning a tree while dormant affords the pruning technician a better overall view of the entire branch structure and formation of a tree. He can then sometimes better plan which limbs should be removed or trained for proper growth.
  • Strong winter winds and heavy snow and ice accumulation can cause limb breakage or cracks that are undetectable from the ground. When the tree leafs out in spring, the additional weight of the foliage can cause that limb to break off and fall down, potentially causing great damage. Pruning now will eliminate that risk.
  • Lack of foliage allows for faster climbing and quicker clean-up of debris on the ground, which translates to greater cost savings for you.
  • Pruning now will eliminate unnecessary limbs, which will allow the tree to conserve energy, by delivering nutrients and moisture to the limbs which are of most importance to the tree.



Call one of our Certified Arborists to inspect your trees and assess their need for pruning!