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Insect & Disease Control

Correct diagnosis of insect and/or disease is of utmost importance. So is the proper treatment of the problem.

Insects and fungi can damage and possibly consume the foliage of trees and shrubs. This causes severe stress since the plant is no longer able to manufacture the sugars (photosynthesis) it depends on to remain healthy. The plant must then rely on nutrient reserves, if available, to create new leaves. Not only is the health of the tree compromised, but so is its beauty.

Our Certified Arborists identify which pests exist, and then determine an appropriate plan of attack.

In the battle against insects and fungi, timing and proper chemical use are everything. Most pests have a specific target and approximate strike date. Treating to control a pest that is not present is futile and a misuse of a control product.

The support staff of L.E. Savory Tree Service is extensively trained to apply control products properly so that optimal control is achieved.

We offer several treatment options, including injection of control products directly into the tree trunk vascular system.


Contact us today to discuss the control of insects and fungi that may be jeopardizing the life of your landscape.