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Fertilization & Feeder Root Expansion

For the most part, mother nature provides the majority of nutrients essential for growth and maintenance of her native trees in an undisturbed site. The soil our trees and shrubs are forced to exist in, however, is far from being an undisturbed site.

A majority of the nutrient rich virgin soil is removed or covered when buildings are constructed. Many non-native trees and shrubs are planted into this compromised situation. Furthermore, most leaf litter which decomposes and adds nutrients to the soil is removed.

We would not subject our own bodies to such brutal starvation, but many homeowners unknowingly do just that with their landscape.

Why is it so important to provide supplement fertilizer to our tress and shrubs?

In order to thrive, trees and shrubs must draw many basic nutrients from the soil. These nutrients, essential for growth and overall health, are not always available in sufficient amounts in our urban setting.
Proper nutrition helps to promote extensive feeder root development, which enables a tree to better withstand drought conditions.
Trees that are in good health are less likely to fall victim to various insects and diseases which can cause severe decline or even death.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of options for providing adequate nutrition: dry, liquid, or vascular injection nutrient delivery. Simply selecting any ordinary fertilizer, and then making an improper application, is not always a sufficient means of correcting nutrient deficiencies.

Through experience and research, we have created several customized blends of fertilizers to benefit the trees and shrubs in our area. Our team of ISA Certified Arborists will take note of specific deficiencies, and recommend the proper course of delivery of those nutrients.

At the proper time, our extensively trained staff will apply the product in the correct manner, including dry, granular, or liquid sub-surface injection, or direct vascular trunk injection.

Mycorrhizal fungal inoculant

What is mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae is a beneficial fungus that exists in the soil, which lives in a symbiotic relationship with the root systems of trees and shrubs. In exchange for sugars and carbohydrates, the fungi absorb and pass along minerals and moisture required by the plant.

The fungi act as an extension of the small, fibrous, feeder root systems of trees and shrubs.

In natural settings, mycorrhizae exist in vast numbers, but not so in the urban environment. This beneficial fungi can be inoculated into the root zones of the landscape in order to ensure long term health. We then use a probe to inject into the soil, and directly place these beneficial organisms into the root areas with 300 lb. pressure, deep into your soil where they will do the greatest good.