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Mycorrhizal Fungal Inoculant

A significant portion of tree and shrub decline is due to a poorly established or damaged root system. Without an adequate root system, plants have a very difficult time of existing, let alone thriving. Root systems can be damaged in a number of ways, from construction regrading to extended drought.

Transplanted trees and shrubs also have a difficult task in re-establishing a healthy root system. Improper planting and compacted, dry soils further complicate matters. Fortunately, there is an effective aid in creating a vast, healthy root system: Mycorrhizal fungal inoculant.

What is mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae is a beneficial fungus that exists in the soil. It lives in a symbiotic relationship with the root systems of most trees and shrubs. In exchange for sugars and carbohydrates, the fungi absorb and pass along minerals and moisture required by the plant.

The fungi cause extensive growth of the small, fibrous feeder root systems of trees and shrubs. In natural settings, mycorrhizae exist in vast numbers, but not so in the urban environment. However, this beneficial fungi can be inoculated (injected) into root zones of the landscape so that they will help to ensure long term health.

What you can do

Mycorrhizae is available for purchase by homeowners at many garden centers. Apply mycorrhizae according to package directions, below soil level.

How we can help

We will provide a customized injection that exactly matches your needs. We then use a probe to inject into the soil, and directly place these beneficial organisms into the root areas with 300 lb. pressure, deep into your soil where they will do the greatest good. Your trees and shrubs will certainly appreciate the help!

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