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L.E. Savory's traditional 6-step application process:

Application #

  1. A complete fertilizer with micronutrients to enhance color and root development, along with a pre-emergent crabgrass control.
  2. Micronutrient based fertilizer to promote overall health, combined with a liquid broadleaf weed control for dandelions, etc.
  3. One grub/subsurface insect control is applied at the Spring or Summer visit.
  4. Continuation of non-burning fertilizer to promote healthiness during the warm months, combined with weed control and surface insect controls as necessary.
  5. Complete Fall fertilizer which enhances root growth.  Weed control applied as necessary
  6. "Winter" application, to stimulate root growth and promote quick Spring green up.

The L.E. Savory turf care program is the best option for your lawn:

  • complete, granular fertilizers slowly release nutrients to the turf
  • essential macro and micronutrients are included as necessary
  • surface and subsurface insect controls included if needed
  • carefully applied weed controls
  • quick service response to your calls
  • a commitment to quality - L.E. Savory is a local, family run organization.  Our name is on every lawn.

Organic Program

L.E. Savory is pleased to provide the most up-to-date organic program in our area.  For those who are sensitive to a traditional program, we offer a low-cost, organic-based option.

We offer:

  • a series of 6 natural root building fertilizer applications
  • effective organic insect control
  • biodegradable spot weed control
  • integrated pest management


The turf care specialists at L.E. Savory are fully trained and licensed to meet all your lawn care needs.  Ask us about core aeration, lawn renovations, soil testing, fungus controls and FREE applications from referrals!